LOVE: Is Getting Married an Achievement ?

by - Sunday, November 06, 2016
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Today is a special day because we are going to talk about something special called marriage.

Is getting married an achievement
Marriage is a good thing. I mean we all dream of getting married someday. It's a wonderful thing to find someone with whom you can spend the rest of your life with and share a lot of memories.👫

But my only worry is when some ladies take marriage to be their principal goal in life. The truth is you were not born to get married. Marriage is not your purpose of being on earth. It is not the reason you came on this earth!

Come on! Marriage is one of those things we obtain along the way as we live. But you did not come into this world purposely or just to get married. It is rather a sure blessing from God to mankind to make life complete and more satisfying. Because we need someone to share our successes, pain and pleasures with. Marriage is an addition to life and not the purpose of life itself.

Is getting married an achievement

Every woman is born with a talent and knowledge to contribute to the society.👩 But I find it strange that some ladies despite their education just see themselves as useful only for marriage.

Our African society sees marriage as an achievement, especially for us ladies. Unmarried women are usually unhappy as they feel like they have failed in life because they are not married. What's worse is that it's the society that makes them feel so because a married woman is more respected or given more importance than the unmarried ones. 

But I think this is wrong! No one deserves to be treated any less just because they don't have a husband yet (there is no age to get married).

Is getting married an achievement

I once witnessed a situation where a guy attacked a woman verbally and another guy said that she should not be talked to in that manner because she is a married woman. And I thought to myself... is it an unmarried woman who deserves to be talked to anyhow? So it would have been just fine if it was a single lady that was being talked to disrespectfully. 

No one deserves any lesser treatment in the society, not even an unmarried woman. 👎We all deserve equal treatment when it comes to respect and importance in the society as human beings. Someone's married status is not a ticket to disrespect or to give them a lesser treatment. 

Not being married is not always the confirmation of being the badly behaved. I know people who wouldn't be married if we have to go by that judgment. And by the way, it's not anyone's place to make her pay for that. 

So in my opinion, all women deserve to be respected. The woman you disrespect today, will be the wife of someone tomorrow so what's the point? We need to give everyone her importance in the society regardless of their marital status! 

I don't know if the men face this same problem too.
I will like to hear your opinion and experiences on this issue. What are your experiences and thoughts on people seeing marriage as an achievement and treating others different because others are not?

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  1. I have pondered over this thing too, sis. The way people say don't treat her like that because she is married. So the one who isn't married should be treated anyhow? Everyone should be treated with respect, married or not. Marriage is awesome but it should never be a person's ultimate life goal. Interesting post.

    1. Thanks my dear. It's so nice to have you here. Hope you come around again.

  2. In the African setting, Marriage is considered an achievement but I truly share your sentiments that all women should be treated the same and respected regardless of their marital status.


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