It's a wrap...Action!

by - Monday, December 05, 2016
Hey, everyone!

How are you all doing? Hope you are all good.

As for me, I'm fine ooo! In fact, feeling better every day. Adopting new strategies to being myself and living the life I want to live. My dream life! 

Honestly, it's so great to see your lovely faces (literally speaking) on my blog again! 
It's almost the end of the year you know - 25 more days to be precise! 2017 is just around the corner.

This countdown to 2017 has been full of thought for me. Thoughts centred around my life and where it's going to. Like I said earlier I have been adopting new ways of getting to my dream life.

By the way, what is your dream life? How is the life you wish to live?

That is my major goal for 2017. Living the life I want for myself. I made it my goal because it sums up the other goals like landing my dream job, travelling, living a luxurious life and spending quality time with my love ones.

So after reviewing my goals, I felt the need to put my life on the track leading to my dream life. 

I think it's time to put an end to my previous comfortable life and begin a new life of taking challenges in order to obtain a better version of myself!

These challenges I'm taking are meant to make me grow and develop the experience I need in all domains of my life.

I'm almost done with school and I need to start developing another image other than that of a student. I still intend to keep studying but I don't want studies to be the definition of me or my personality. 

It's time to add some professionalism to the student life and adopt the lifestyle of a-soon-to-be working class girl.

I don't want to call these changes a new year resolution because there is something about that word 'resolution' that makes me not to keep doing it in the long run. I don't know why!

So as the director of the movie of my life I say 'It's a wrap!' to my former movie.

"It's a wrap!"

And to my new life, I say 'Action!'


For this post, I decided to go along with photos of me, myself and I after I made the decision to go back to long hair again.

But this time I want to keep natural or virgin or nappy hair. I have to cover it up for now with some synthetic fibre extensions. I hope with time you will see my nappy hair as you follow my hair journey.

I'm so excited about it and looking forward to this new journey after 10 months of shaved hair. I will really miss my short hair but I have to move on to new challenges to have new experiences.

When I was...

So please any advice or tips for keeping natural hair (nappy hair) will be highly appreciated. And I need a nappy hair buddy too for encouragement so please declare yourself if you are a nappy girl (or boy).

So my loves, tell me all your thoughts by commenting and I am always glad to read them all.


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Photos: Ngraffi (all rights reserved!)

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  1. Super your goal for the new year coming
    I addore your photos with long haire, so sweetie
    Have a very nice day dear
    Kisses back to you

    1. Thanks my dear.
      It's always great to have you here and read your comments.

    2. You should read this post NG >> Twill help your nappy hair journey and yea I also keep my kinky natural 4c hair so I'm with you girl. I transitioned b4 having a chop but I'm 💯 natural now.

    3. Thanks very much Jessica. I will check it out.
      Wow didn't know you had natural hair. I'm glad we are nappy buddies now

  2. I really get that feeling when you are trying to restart your life, cause am. Sorta in that position.....Yay, to natural hair

    1. Yeah Vincent. It's like restarting life and embarking on another exciting journey. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

  3. Hey dear.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm a naturalist too and I have a post prepared on the hair regimen I've adopted.
    I'll post it soon.
    I love that you are trying to take charge of your life and have set goals for 2017. That's good. I pray you achieve your dream.

    1. Welcome Favour!
      I'm so happy to have you here
      I am eager to see your post on your naturalist regime
      I'm glad to have another naturalist buddy
      Thanks for your comment


  4. I can see you're an energetic girl.. with passion and dream forward. don't hesitate to call it a resolution for the next year for it will keep your ardor aflame...

    1. Wow such kind words Edwin
      Glad to have you here
      Thanks for your lovely comment

  5. I like your pictures and this post was definitely an interesting read! I hope you achieve all your goals girl!

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    On getting to the restaurant, it did not look too attractive, It's a yellow building with not very attractive decor. The restaurant is a bit smaller than expected but it's good for an intimate day out because it's really quiet. I saw some Chinese people and I thought damn it's going to be so expensive.

    After sitting down, the waiters were not friendly, they were polite but they did not seem approachable or cordial. They handed the menu to us. Their prices are quite budget friendly and standard. Below are some pictures of the menu
    There was an added tax of about 600 Naira which I think is actually okay unlike some restaurants that charge 1500 VAT.

    I ordered vegetable fried rice with shrimps and shredded chicken in chili sauce. also I ordered some spring rolls as an appetizer. The spring rolls were my best part as they tasted so nice and dipping them in chili sauce made my day. Also the chicken sauce was also very nice but I was a bit disappointed by the fried rice and I ended up just picking out the shrimps and eating my chicken sauce.

    Altogether it was an okay experience and it's a restaurant worth going to, Maybe their disappointing vegetable fried rice was a one time thing.

    My Fashion Musings

    1. Thanks for your comment Salami. It's great to have you heremy dear

  6. Giiiirllll yessss, you are preaching my ministry!!! I also need to get it together for 2017, am glad you are actualizing your goals so that you can fulfill them.

    1. Thanks Meron. I'm glad to have you here.

  7. Good thinking. All the best in 2017. May you get all your heart desires.

    1. Thanks my dear. Wishing you the best in 2017.

  8. This is inspiring. Get a dream, go for it!

    So you are a naturalista too. Interesting. It's funny how I have no tips. Just do you. 

    1. Wow, Indeed
      It's nice to have you back Amaka
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting


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